About Us

photo of wood house with family

The House

Our house was built by Elisha Smith Wyman in 1846 and was purchased by my Great, Great, Great grandparents in 1852.  It is a four room, dog trot house and is the oldest structure in Hill County, Texas.

Our Story

Jerry and I met when he was 17 and I was 14.  We have been best buddies since.  It sounds sappy, and maybe it is, but we have had adventures and misadventures along the way that have shaped us into who we are today.  We have four children, three wonderful children-in-law, and two grandchildren.  Jerry is a business professor and I have my doctorate in education.  I am unemployed and unconcerned since I only got the degree because I couldn’t come up with something better to do with my time.  I’m telling you, me being bored is a dangerous thing.

Meet the Team

Here we are!  The team that took on the impossible task of saving the worst house on the planet.  Call them crazy or call them incredible, just know that they are one tired group of humans.

Dr. Jana Burch

Jana earned her Ed.D. in educational leadership and policy three months after purchasing her “dream home.”  Her dream job hasn’t materialized, but that allowed her to devote countless hours to restoring her family’s 1846 Texas Homestead.  She thought she would be Dr. Jana in an office somewhere, but fate decided Jana would have more fun doing home renovations than doing a real job.  Not surprising, she researches in creativity and engagement as well as other things as they strike her fancy.

Dr. Jerry Burch

Jerry has a Ph.D. in Management/Organizational Behavior.  He has a real job teaching business classes at a major university, but still managed to work like crazy to get the house renovated.  Jerry did all the heavy lifting as well as dealt with Jana’s neuroses, which is no small accomplishment.  He researches in the areas of creativity, engagement, and emotional labor which seems very fitting.